Schedule of Events

C3 happenings will run from September through November. You do not need to attend all or even most of the events. Join us as your interests and time allow.

For each unit in our series, we have provided a playlist of materials. These are podcasts, videos, book recommendations, videos, and activities you can peruse, dip into, and take in on your own either before or after the events.

What is whiteness?

Playlist: Resources to prime your mind

September 22: Whiteness and Witness: a panel discussion [6-8pm, MEB Library] hybrid: attend in person or via zoom

Biology and Binaries:

Sex, Gender, and Genes

Playlist: Resources to Explore on Sex and Gender

October 4: Sex and Gender 101 [7-8:30pm, East Kingston Public Library] hybrid: attend in person or via zoom

Local histories you probably never learned

Playlist: Explore your local history

October 11: Lost and excluded local histories [7-8pm, Exeter Public Library]

October 18: DEIJ at Swasey School: how we choose books and curriculum with an equity lens [4pm, MEB Memorial Library]

Go forth!

Bring it together, take it away with you

October 27: Book Club, Citizen by Claudia Rankine [7-8pm, via Zoom]

November 2: Book Club, Just Us by Claudia Rankine [7-8pm, via Zoom]

November 6: Check Me Out! — visit with a “Human Book” [11am-3pm, MEB Memorial Library]

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